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We'll interview your clients to create professional testimonials that highlight your best work with heart and authenticity. We ask great questions and listen carefully. Click the button to get your next testimonial, or scroll down to learn more.

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Build trust. Gain new business. Use authentic social proof to make your sales and marketing effortless.

Using testimonials can increase your revenue by 62%. But how do you get clients to give positive reviews that are powerful, authentic, and specific? Like this...


Our team will contact your clients to set up a testimonial interview, or provide templates if you prefer to do it yourself. We handle all the scheduling.


We offer your clients free coaching so they feel comfortable and confident during an interview. This optional training leads to better-quality testimonials.

Ask the Right Questions

Our interviewers ask questions designed to draw out stories about the specific benefits of your business. Clients are more candid and spontaneous when talking to a third party.

Professional Editing

Whether you want a clean testimonial or a "reel" with music and B roll, we cut out the small talk and bring out the highlights. We can usually correct minor sound and visual issues. (Check out the samples below!)

A New Referral Source

After we get clients talking about all the wonderful things you did for them, we end the interview asking them to recommend you to someone else. It doesn't always work, but we never waste this opportunity to bring you new clients.

You Own It!

This isn't one of those services that charges you every month to host your own testimonials. Every deliverable is a high-quality MP4 file that's yours forever.

I give kind of an overview of each client... and you use that to get the full story out of the client. You go deep and I think that's one of your strong points--that you're curious and you care. And that results in a really great testimonial.

--Brent Whitfield, DCG Technical Solutions

Choose the plan that fits.

All of the plans below include scheduling, editing, and a high-quality MP4 file. You provide the interviewees. We handle the rest.

The Boss (Best Value!)

When you select The Boss, we'll spare you the time and awkwardness of asking for testimonials. Just supply the names and contact information, and we'll reach out.

You get six professional testimonials with everything from the Influencer plan.

We’ll also give you a bonus "Sizzle Reel" that combines the highlights of all your testimonials in a short video ad.

Click below to get The Boss right away, or hop on a call if you want more information.

Ariane Cap--ArisBassBlog

"We posted testimonials on YouTube and people would start chiming in in the comments, saying things like, 'Yes, I agree!' So it has a lot of credibility that way. It was very personable, very honest. Very thoughtful questions were asked for sure. It's the kind of thing you can just get it and put it on your website."

--Ariane Cap

Ari's Bass Blog

The Influencer (Our most popular plan)

We’ll go the extra mile to contact your hard-to-reach clients.

You get three testimonials that include scheduling, the interview, editing, music and b roll (optional), transcripts, and updates.

Brent Whitfield, DCG Technical Solutions

"Our conversion rate is high because of the credibility indicators that are on the site. And I think the most important credibility indicator is testimonials. Reaching our clients isn't that easy. They're all busy CEOs of privately held companies. Yet somehow you're able to get them on a video call and get their story, and that's amazing."

--Brent Whitfield

DCG technical Solutions

The Easy Testimonial (Keeping it simple)

This is a good choice if you only want one or two testimonials. You have the option of adding background music, b roll, or a written transcript of the testimonial. The price is for a single testimonial. If you plan to have three or more, our other packages may give you better value.

Put us on retainer!

This is your best option when you have a ton of raving fans and you want to grow your company at warp speed. We'll hook you up with unlimited testimonials for an entire year. (You provide the clients, we do the rest!) We'll also keep you on track with one-on-one coaching and consultation. Please book a call to discuss this opportunity.

100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sometimes things just don't work out. We get it.

If we're unable to secure an interview with your client, you get a testimonial you can't use, or if you just have a problem with our hair style, we've got you covered.

We'll refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked, for up to 30 days after we deliver your testimonials.

Meet Jacob, the guy who started this.

If you scrolled this far, you're probably not going to respond to any Call To Action.

So instead of giving you a sales pitch, let me tell you my story and why you should care.

After years of freelancing as a copywriter, I discovered a marketing superpower that most businesses aren't using nearly enough.

It was during Covid, and one of my clients asked me to interview their customers over Zoom to create testimonials.

Not only was this a ton of fun, it also helped my client grow and expand their business. When they started showing testimonials to potential customers, nobody could compete with them.

It took their business to another level. They were hiring when many businesses were laying people off.  

More importantly, I discovered I enjoy talking to people and asking the right questions to draw out their story.

I had already done this a lot as a copywriter, but now it was the main focus of every Zoom call.

In 2022 more folks hired me to interview their clients for testimonials. A real estate brokerage in New Orleans even had me interviewing their own Realtors to create biographies and marketing content.

I launched iTestimonial for my own happiness, but it's going to give you a bigger edge than you might think.

You see, I've also spent the past year or so learning how to use AI, and I noticed something ironic.

Many people are using AI to create new content, but they are also using it to curate and summarize content. Several generative AI tools are learning to optimize their content for AI curators.

This means we have AI creating content for AI.

Someday soon, people are going to ditch the cluttered AI landscape and go back to the authentic, human content that matters.

iTestimonial is my way of putting human beings back into the online world. Any heart-related business that doesn't do this is going to be left behind.

I spend my days seeking meaningful conversations and teaching new interviewers to do the same. Your business will reap the benefits.

By the way, I get a lot of questions about the photo. My wife is a part-time librarian and a full-time farmer. So yes, my "office" is a converted barn full of books.

I wouldn't settle for anything less.

Jacob Bear at a messy desk

Still not sure if you need this? How about if we share our entire step-by-step process with you. Give us your email and we'll send you the complete guidebook to harvesting testimonials.

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