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We'll interview your best clients and create professional testimonials for your business. Click the button for a detailed guide to getting authentic testimonials that build your business, or scroll down to learn more and get started.

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Build trust and make your sales and marketing effortless.

86% of customers trust Word-of-Mouth reviews and recommendations. But how do you get clients to give positive reviews that are powerful, authentic, and specific? Like this...


Our team will contact your clients, or provide templates if you prefer to do it yourself. We handle all the scheduling.


We offer your clients free coaching to provide better quality. They will feel comfortable and confident.

Ask the Right Questions

Our interviewers ask questions designed to draw out stories of specific benefits of your business. Clients tend to be more spontaneous when talking to a third party.

Professional Editing

Whether you want a clean testimonial or a "commercial" with music and B roll, we cut out the small talk and bring out the highlights. We can usually correct minor sound and visual issues. (Check out the samples below!)

A New Referral Source

After we get clients talking about all the wonderful things you did for them, we end the interview asking them to recommend you to someone else. It may not work, but it's an optimal referral opportunity that won't be wasted.

You Own It!

This isn't one of those services that make you pay every month to host your own testimonials. You receive a high-quality MP4 file that's yours forever.

Choose the package that fits.

All of these options come with templates to reach out to your clients. We provide free optional coaching to improve overall quality and help your clients feel comfortable and confident when we conduct the interview. Every package includes scheduling, editing, and a high-quality MP4 file. All you have to do is provide the interviewees. We handle the rest.

The Easy Testimonial

One testimonial created with the scheduling, coaching, interview, and editing done for you. This is a good choice if you only want a small number of clients. The price is for a single testimonial. If you plan to have more than three, our other packages may give you better value.

The Flexible Plan (Our most popular package!)

We'll give you up to 25 testimonials that include everything in the Easy Testimonial package, all the options, and we'll create these testimonials whenever you want for the next 12 months.

We’ll go the extra mile to contact hard-to-reach clients. You'll get weekly updates by email. If requested, we can post your testimonials on our social media to give you further visibility.

You can get started right away, or hop on a call if you want more information.

The Testimonial Reel

Several testimonials interwoven in one short video. You get all the interviews, scheduling, and support from The Easy Testimonial for up to 5 people. We’ll edit this into a single, 60-90 minute video with multiple clips highlighting the best and most specific comments about all the benefits of doing business with you.

Put us on retainer!

This is your best option when you have a ton of raving fans and you want to grow your company at warp speed. We'll hook you up with unlimited testimonials for an entire year. (You provide the clients, we do the rest!) We'll also keep you on track with one-on-one coaching and consultation. Please book a call to discuss this opportunity.